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1. Definitions

"Auctioneer" Any person who conducts an auction by calling for bids and declaring Lots sold.
"Bidder" any person who bids for a Lot.
"Buyer’s Premium" means an amount payable by a Buyer in addition to the sale price calculated at a rate stated by the Auctioneer, advertisements or as displayed in auction rooms.
"Computer Hardware" means the mechanical and electronic components of a computer including monitor, keyboard and desktop or tower case.
"Legislation" means the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1984) and the Occupation Safety and Health Regulations (1996).
"Plant & Equipment" includes vehicles, machinery, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, tools, fixtures, appliances, implements and any component or fitting thereof or accessory thereto.
"Seller" means any person who sells a Lot.
"Bidder" any person who bids for a Lot.
"Software" means the programs and other operating information used by a computer.

2. Public Liability

1. Persons attending the Auction site, before, during or after the auction do so at their own risk. The Auctioneer, his agents, employees or principals shall not in any way be liable for any injury sustained to any person or for damage to or loss of property whatsoever caused.
2. All persons attending the auction site under the age of 16 years are required to be in the care of and under the supervision of an adult.

3. Registration

  1. Prior to Auction each Bidder shall complete a Bidders Registration Form.
  2. Upon the request of the Auctioneer or his or her clerk, a Buyer may be required to provide his or her full name and residential address immediately.
  3. A buyer shall be deemed to purchase as a principal unless at the time of completing the Bidders Registration Form the Buyer:
    1. discloses to the Auctioneer that he/she will be bidding on behalf of a principal and shall supply the full name and address of that principal; and for and on behalf of that principal; and
    2. gives the Auctioneer a copy of a written authority to bid for and on behalf of that principal.

4. Highest Bidder to Be the Buyer

  1. Subject to any reserved price, the highest Bidder for each Lot shall be the Buyer.
  2. Subject to condition 5 below, the entry of the Buyers name in the record or book kept by the Auctioneer or his clerk, shall be binding upon the Buyer and such record or book, together with these conditions, shall constitute the whole of the contract between the Auctioneer and the Buyer and as between the Buyer and the Seller.

5. Dispute as To Bid

If a dispute arises as to any bid, the Auctioneer shall, at his or her absolute discretion, either determine the dispute immediately or resume the bidding at the last undisputed bid. In either case the dispute must occur before the next Lot is offered for bids

6. Auctioneer and Seller Rights

The Auctioneer and the Seller reserve the following rights, which may be exercised by the Auctioneer without giving any reason there for:

  1. not to offer for sale any Lot or part of any Lot described in the catalogue;
  2. to offer two or more of the Lots or part of any Lot described in the catalogue as separate Lots for sale together as one Lot;
  3. should such Lots referred to in (b) not be sold to a successful bidder, to offer such lots as separate Lots;
  4. to withdraw any Lot or Lots from sale;
  5. to refuse to accept a bid or bids from any person or persons;
  6. to refuse admission or to eject from the auction site any person or persons;
  7. to refuse to accept any bid for a Lot being less than the sum nominated from time to time by the auctioneer;
  8. to keep secret the existence and amount of any reserve price of a Lot prior to the close of bidding or withdrawal from sale of the Lot;
  9. in the event that any buyer shall successfully bid for more than one Lot at the auction
    1. to appropriate any monies received from that buyer in satisfaction or partial satisfaction of the purchase price due in respect of any one or more of such lots to the total or partial exclusion of amounts due in respect of any other such lot or lots as the Auctioneer shall see fit; and
    2. to elect at any time to treat such contract for the sale of each Lot as independent with each other and default under any such contract shall be default under all such contracts;
  10. to bid on behalf of any prospective buyer with or without disclosure;
  11. in the event that any Lot is not sold at the auction to offer to sell the same immediately after the auction by private sale but otherwise subject to these conditions and
  12. to permit the Seller to make one or more bids for any lot

7. Deposit

  1. On the fall of the hammer, the Auctioneer may require 'the Buyer to pay to the Auctioneer or his Clerk, by cash or bank cheque, a deposit of 20% of the purchase price for the Lot purchased and the balance payable in 24 hours.
  2. All persons attending the auction site under the age of 16 years are required to be in the care of and under the supervision of an adult.
  3. If the resale price is lower than the price obtained on the first sale, the difference in price shall be an amount recoverable by the Auctioneer or Seller as a debt due and payable by the original Buyer.

8. Faults & Misdescription

  1. A sale shall not be invalidated by reason of any fault or defect in a Lot.
  2. A sale shall not be invalidated by reason of a Lot being incorrectly described in a catalogue or elsewhere.
  3. The Seller or Auctioneer is not liable to pay compensation to a buyer for any fault or defect in a Lot or for any error or misdescription or for any missing part or quality.
  4. No warranty, either express or implied, is given by any verbal affirmation made by the Auctioneer.
  5. The Auctioneer or seller is not liable to pay compensation to a buyer for any fault or defect in a lot or for any error or misdescription or for any missing part or quantity.
  6. A sale shall not be invalidated by reason of any fault or defect in a Lot.

9. Lots at Buyers Risk

From the fall of the hammer each Lot is at the Buyers risk. The Auctioneer and the Seller shall not be accountable for any deficiency, damage or loss which may occur thereafter. It is recommended that insurance be taken out at the fall of the hammer.

10. Payments for Lots

  1. Prior to the end of the auction or at any time thereafter specified by the Auctioneer, the buyer shall pay to the Auctioneer the full purchase price for the lot including an applicable sales tax, any other government tax or any Buyer’s Premium.
  2. The purchase price and any part thereof, shall be paid by Cash, Mastercard, Visa Card, EFTPOS.
  3. Any balance of the purchase price shall be paid by the buyer to the auctioneer within the time period required in these conditions to take delivery of the lot and the buyer shall not be entitled to require the delivery of the lot until the purchase price has been paid in full.
  4. The Auctioneer and the seller reserve the right to restrict access to the lot prior to the lot being paid in full.
  5. Title to the lot shall not pass to the buyer until all cheques are cleared by the Auctioneer's bank.

11. Buyer's Default

  1. If the buyer fails to comply with any of the above terms, the deposit or any monies paid shall be forfeited without notice to the Buyer by the Auctioneer and the Lot in respect of which the default has been made may be resold by public or private sale or disposed of, if no longer of commercial value.
  2. The defaulting Buyer shall pay all the expenses arising from the default including the cost of any removal, warehousing, advertising, commission and resale.
  3. If the price obtained on the resale is lower than the price obtained at the original Sale, the difference in price may be recovered by the Auctioneer or Seller as a debt due and payable by the Buyer.
  4. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing the Auctioneer is entitled to recover from the buyer:
  5. Title to the lot shall not pass to the buyer until all cheques are cleared by the Auctioneer's bank.
    1. a sum for expenses and charges incurred by the Auctioneer in connection with or incidental to the auction in respect of the resale
    2. the amount of any applicable commission or Buyer’s Premium;
    3. any applicable sales tax or any other government tax or fee relating to or arising from the sale of the lot or part thereof.

12. Occupational Safety & Health Obligations

  1. The Legislation imposes obligations, such as providing and maintaining a safe work environment and preventing exposure to and protection from hazards on persons who use or operate plant in a workplace and on employers whose employees use or operate plant. If the Buyer intends to use plant purchased at this auction, at a workplace then it is the responsibility of the Buyer to inform themselves of these obligations.
  2. Unless otherwise is stated, the plant sold at this auction has not been assessed or inspected by a competent person and it may or may or may not be affected by faults or defects, which make it unsafe for use. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure assessment and inspection by a competent person.
  3. The Buyer is warned that the items not previously assessed or inspected by a competent person may be suitable for scrap or spare parts only.
  4. The Auctioneer and the seller reserve the right to restrict access to the lot prior to the lot being paid in full.
  5. The Legislation requires that owners of plant maintain safety and health information and records. The Auctioneer will pass on to the Buyer all information made available to them by the owner, but the Auctioneer does not warrant that the information and records are complete and accurate. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to familiarise themselves with all relevant information and records.

13. Computers

  1. Unless specifically provided, any sale of computer equipment at this auction is intended to be the sale of Hardware only.
  2. If the sale of any computer equipment includes Software, the Software may be subject of a Software Licence Agreement. A copy of this agreement may be obtained from the computer manufacturer or the Seller.
  3. If the Software is not capable of being assigned with the Hardware, the Buyer Acknowledges that any use of the Software may be a breach of the Software Licence Agreement.
  4. If the Software is capable of being assigned with the Hardware, the buyer acknowledges that they are bound by terms and conditions of Software licence agreement and that such conditions may restrict the use of the Software.

14. Time to Be The Essence

Time shall be of the essence in the sale of any Lot and in the performance of the above terms and conditions.

15. Buyer's Premium

The purchaser acknowledges that all Lots purchased are subject to a "Buyer's Premium” at a rate as stated in the Auctioneer's advertisements and catalogues. The Buyer's Premium will be payable at the same time as the purchase price and is payable to the Auctioneers in consideration for services and facilities provided to the Purchaser by the Auctioneers.

16. Goods and Services Tax ‘GST’

Unless otherwise stated, GST will be added to the knockdown price including Buyer’s Premium. Total owing will be bid amount plus Buyer’s Premium plus GST.

17. Removal of Lots

  1. At the Buyers own cost the Buyer shall remove the Lot within the time frame specified by the Auctioneer or by no later than 4 p.m. on the next business day following the sale, whichever is the earlier.
  2. The Buyer shall not remove a Lot during an auction unless authorised by the auctioneers agents.
  3. The Buyer is fully responsible for the expense and risk of the removal of a Lot and for any damage to property or injury to persons caused by themselves, their agents or employees that occurs during the removal of a Lot.
  4. Any part of a lot which a buyer does not remove within the frame time specified in 10.1 may thereafter remove by some person, firm or company engaged by the auctioneer and stored at the auction site elsewhere, at the discretion of the auctioneer. Such removal and storage shall be deemed to be made at the request of the buyer and all costs incurred by the auctioneer shall be recoverable by the auctioneer and the seller as a debt due and payable by the buyer.
  5. The disconnection of any gas or electrical services from any piece of Plant & Equipment carried out during the removal of a lot must be performed by a competent and qualified trade's person.

18. Technological Errors

  1. With respect to Online Auctions, if any errors or delays arise as a result of or in connection with technological difficulties, including technological difficulties associated with our servers, data hosting centre, internet service provider or software for Live Auctions, we may, acting reasonably: prior to or after the original time set for conclusion of the Online Auction, extend an Online Auction for a period of time we choose;
  2. prior to or after the original time set for conclusion of the Online Auction, re-open an Online Auction for a period of time we choose;
  3. prior to or after the conclusion of an Online Auction, retract any Winning Bidder's emails which may have been sent out to bidders;
  4. prior to or during an Online Auction, amend the start price allocated to an item for sale online; and/or cancel an Online Auction and conduct the auction again

19. Technological Errors

We are not responsible for bids not received, processed or accepted due to technical difficulties, including those online bids placed by our max bid feature. In particular, we are not responsible for any loss, liability or damage incurred by you as a result of a bid not received, processed or accepted due to technical difficulties. We provide the Site and the Service without any warranty or condition with regard to the Site’s capacity express or implied except those warranties which are implied by law. In relation to the items which we auction at the Site, we provide those warranties implied by law. Neither we nor our vendors will be liable for any lost profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the delivery of the Service. We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the Service, and operation of the Site may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of our control.

Auctioneers and Agents Act, 1941 – Warning

Section 45
It is an offence against the Auctioneers and Agents 1941 for any person to engage in or to induce or attempt to induce another person to engage in any collusive practice which may hinder free and open competition at an auction sale, whether by:
(a) Restricting bidding.
(b) Abstaining from bidding.
(c) Any other activity which may hinder free and open competition.
Section 85C
The actual successful bidder at an auction sale must give the Auctioneer or employee of the Auctioneer on the day of the auction, his/her name or, where he/she acts as an agent, the name of the principal. It is an offence not to do so.

1. Online Only Sales

An Online Only Sale is one that is conducted wholly online – there is no live auction to accompany the Online Only Sale. Whoever has the highest bid at the time the Online Only Sale finishes, so long as the item has reached its reserve, is the Highest Bidder and wins the item. If you are the Highest Bidder, you will be notified by email within 48 hours of the Online Only Sale ending.

2. What is a Pre-Sale Bidding?

Pre-Sale Bidding is the initial online component of a sale that continues and ends as a live auction. Pre-Sale Bidding enables competitive bidding in real time for bidders who may not be able to attend the live auction. If you are able to attend the live auction, Pre-Sale Bidding can help you to gauge the interest in an item and what price they may need to pay to win it at the live auction.

When the Pre-Sale Bidding closes the highest bid is carried through to the live auction. If you are the Highest Bidder in the on-line component and no-one makes a further bid in the live auction, you will win the item (if any reserve has been reached). If further bids that are greater than your Max Bid are made in the live auction you will not be the Highest Bidder. The Highest Bidder will be notified by email that they have won the item within 48 hours of the Live Auction ending

3. How do I Bid Online

  1. To bid online, you first need to register, which includes accepting our terms and conditions.
  2. Carefully view the listing.
  3. Enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for the item (Max Bid) and click Place Bid button.
  4. Review and confirm your bid.
  5. Check your current bids to check you're the Highest Bidder.
  6. If you have been outbid but want to continue bidding, enter another Instant Bid or Max Bid amount.

When the auction ends, if you are the winning bidder you'll receive an email indicating you've won the item. Losing bidders are not notified.
Remember - When you place a bid, you are entering into a legally binding contract; therefore, you should not bid for an item unless you are willing and able to pay for it, and to collect it within 48 hours!

4. What is a Max Bid?

Entering the maximum amount you are prepared to pay is a way of ensuring do not miss out on an item you were prepared to pay more for. When you have entered your Max Bid, the price will only go higher – potentially up to your Max Bid – if someone else is bidding against you for this item. Your Max Bid amount is not disclosed to other buyer. Whenever someone else places a bid, our auction software will automatically enter the lowest possible bid for you, up to your maximum bid. Max Bidding makes bidding on auctions easier and less time-consuming for buyers as you do not have to keep remembering to check whether you have been outbid.

**Please note both Instant Bids and Max Bids are carried through to the live auction.

5. What is an Instant Bid?

An Instant Bid is a single bid of an amount determined by you. The Instant Bid is a ‘knock them out of the water’ type of bid. If the bidding is at $15 for an item that you really want, you may place an Instant Bid of $100, for example, to discourage others who were hoping to advance their bids in $5 increments. Sometimes buyers enter a one-off Instant Bid close to the end of the auction hoping to ‘steal’ an item from another bidder.

**Please note both Instant Bids and Max Bids are carried through to the live auction.

6. What if there are multiple items in a particular lot?

Sometimes a Lot has multiple (usually identical) items that are sold on a per item/’per each’ basis. If this is the case, the online catalogue will advise this. This means the winning bid amount will be multiplied by the number of items in the Lot.

7. Payments and Collections

If you are the Winning Bidder in an Online Only Auction, you must pay for and collect your goods within 48 hours of making the winning bid. You will need to pay:

  1. The winning bid amount.
  2. The Buyers Premium
  3. Any delivery fees agreed to
  4. Storage fees if item is not collected within 72 hours.

Your invoice will detail all charges applied to the sale.
The payments accepted are direct deposit, cash, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard (credit card payments have a 1.6% surcharge).
For direct deposits please use the account information provided on your invoice.
Storage fees of $5 per day will be charged for uncollected items.

8. Buyer's Premium

A Buyers Premium is a fee added to the winning bid price. This fee is retained by The Auction Barn for its service of receiving, appraising, listing (cataloguing and photographing) and auctioning the item. The Buyer’s Premium may vary from auction to auction.
Final Bid Price $100 + Buyer’s Premium 19.5% = Final Price of $119.50
Each lot is given an Estimate, representing the range in which the lot might sell at the auction. Estimates are made by The Auction Barn based on examination of the item and recent auction prices of comparable items. Estimates provide prospective buyers with a guide to value and are a basis for establishing the starting and reserve prices.
The Reserve Price is the confidential minimum price agreed upon between the Consignor and The Auction Barn. If bidding ends before the reserve is reached, the item will not be sold. The Auction Barn will, however, put the highest bid as an offer to the Consignor. If the offer is accepted, the bidder will be notified via email.

9. Inspections

Inspections are recommended for all items. While The Auction Barn endeavours to provide complete and accurate descriptions for all items, it is not possible to list all features, including imperfections, of items.
If you cannot inspect the item physically but need more information you can ask a question online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can Visit our Warehouse at 9 Wiluna Street Fyshwick for inspection and testing of items:
Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday 9 am – 3 pm
Sunday from 8 am – 10.30 am (prior to the commencement of the auction).

10. Postage

Parcel delivery by post (Manual application) – We can post goods Australia wide. Once you receive your auction invoice, simply click request postage. We will then re-issue your invoice with the postage cost added. This typically takes 48-72 hours depening on your order size.

General Goods

  • Weight - Shipments cannot exceed a weight of 20kg
  • Payments - Delivery of goods is subject to full payment before goods are posted.
  • Insurance - Insurance can be requested for an additional fee. Without the request of insurance, goods will be posted without.
  • Signature on delivery – Signature on delivery can be requested for an additional fee.
  • Damaged Goods / General Goods - We try our best to pack the goods, we cannot be held accountable for damaged goods during transit. For fragile goods, read below.
  • Change of Address - Failure to update your profile postage address will result in a re-booking fee.

Fragile Goods

  • Recommendations - We recommend you request a transport / packing company to assist - You can contact your preferred transport / packing company. All agreements are made directly between you and the transport company of your choice. We Recommend Pack & Send Fyshwick. Contact Sam for a quote. 02 6280 8008 He will come to our showroom, professionally pack your goods & ship the goods to you.
  • Condition - If you have requested a transport company to collect your goods and are waiting for your items to be collected by that company, to avoid storage fees, you must remember to inform the Auction Barn.
  • Condition - If you have paid a transport company to deliver your item, any damages please contact the transport company directly. We will not be responsible for deliveries undertaken by transport company and any compensation claim must be made directly to the transport company. We, therefore, encourage you to familiarise yourself with the transport company's specific terms and conditions.

11. Can't Register

If you are experiencing issues with online registration. In particular, receiving your activation email simply contact us here

12. Notifications, Winnning Bidders

Succesful online bidders will be notified via text, email & your bid history. You can find your bid history in your profile.

13. What Does ‘In Contention’ Mean

If you see that your bid is in contention during the auction & when the lot closes for bidding online, it means you were the highest bidder. Great work!

You will receive an email letting you know if the reserve price has been met and the item has been won or if your offer is being referred to the vendor. If the vendor accepts your Max-bid, you will receive an auction invoice immediately.

If you would like more help or information, just click below to contact our friendly team. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

14. What is a Soft Close / 5 Minute Rollover

5 Minute Rollover

Please note that in the case of competitive bidding occurring within five minutes prior to the close of sale, the closing time is rolled over for a further five minutes.

1 Minute Extension

If a bid is placed within the last minute of closing time & that bid is immediately outbid by another bidder's maximum bid, the auction will be extended for another minute to give you a chance to rebid.

1. How do I buy at The Auction Barn?

The Auction Barn has Online Only Auctions, as well as Live Auctions, which generally have an initial online component. You can participate as a buyer in any of these formats. To do so, you need to view the listing or inspect the item, register as a buyer, bid, and pay for and collect your item.

2. When and how do I register to bid?

You can register online here or prior to or at any time during an auction. For those people unfamiliar with auctions we would suggest that you register prior to the start of the auction and then watch a few lots being sold before the item you are interested in comes up. This way you will see first-hand how the bidding and selling processes work

3. What is bidding and how do I do it?

Live Auction Bidding is indicating that you wish to advance the price beyond the price currently being called by the Auctioneer so that you are the Highest Bidder. When you wish to bid, signal in an obvious way to the auctioneer; holding up your Bidder’s Number is the most visible and reliable method, or you may wish to call out or wave your hand. It is also helpful to indicate that you do not wish to continue bidding by shaking your head. If your bid is the winning bid, the Auctioneer will bang the gavel, indicating that bidding for that lot is finished, and look to you for your Bidder’s Number to record your purchase.

4. What if there are multiple items in a particular lot?

Sometimes a lot has multiple (usually identical) items that are sold on a per item/per each basis. If this is the case, the Auctioneer will let the buyers know. (The catalogue listing will also advise this). The Auctioneer will say, for example, “There are three bottles of wine in this lot being sold per bottle.” The winning bid is then multiplied by the number of items in the lot – in this example, three. If the Highest Bidder does not want to all the items, they can take one or as many as they want. The remaining items will then be offered to the under bidders at the price stated by the auctioneer.

5. What is an Absentee Bid?

An Absentee Bid can be arranged if you unable to attend an auction. You will need to complete and lodge with the office, an Absentee Bidders Form with the Lot Number you are interested in, and your Max Bid amount. The Auctioneer will then bid on your behalf in the Live Auction up to your Max Bid amount. If you are successful in winning the item, you will receive an email within 48 hours. You will need to pay for and collect your item within 72 hours of the Live Auction finishing.

6. When do I have to pay for and collect my purchases?

Payment is preferred on the day of the auction and can be made at any time during or at the completion of the auction. Purchases must be paid for and picked up no later than 72 hours after completion of the auction. Items cannot leave the auction site until full payment has been received.

7. Collecting and packing my purchases

After paying for your items, hand your receipt to one of our floor staff and they will hand over your purchases to your for packing/removal from The Auction Barn premises. We ask that you bring your own packing materials (bubblewrap, paper and boxes) with you. While we sometimes have some spare packing materials for emergencies, we cannot guarantee this and responsibility for providing packing materials rests with the buyer.

8. What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, Bank Cheque, EFTPOS, Direct transfer, Visa Card, Master Card.

There is a 1.6% surcharge on all Visa Card and Master Card transactions.

9. What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A Buyer’s Premium (currently 19.5%) is a fee added to the winning bid price. This fee is retained by The Auction Barn for its service of receiving, appraising, listing (cataloguing and photographing) and auctioning the item. The Buyer’s Premium may vary from auction to auction.

10. Does GST apply at auction?

The catalogue for each auction will state if the auction is GST inclusive or exclusive. Inclusive auctions include GST; exclusive auctions have the GST added to the winning bid amount

11. Can I inspect items prior to auction?

Inspections are recommended for all items. While The Auction Barn endeavours to provide complete and accurate descriptions for all items, it is not possible to list all features, including imperfections, of items.

If you cannot inspect the item physically but need more information you can ask a question online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Inspections are available weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm, Saturday 9 am – 3 pm and on the day of a Live Auction, from 9 am.

12. Can The Auction Barn arrange for my purchases to be delivered?

The Auction Barn can deliver your goods for you. Simply ask one of office staff and they will advise you of the charges.

13. What is The Auction Barn’s Privileged Bidding Number?

The Auction Barn’s Privileged Bidding Number is a number that is permanently yours. If you are a regular auction goer, applying for a Privileged Bidding Number will save you time of registering for each auction and avail you of benefits, such as SMS messages to your mobile phone advising of new auctions.

14. How long does an auction take?

This depends on how many lots are on offer but as a general rule the Auctioneers will sell approximately 200 lots every hour.

15. Are refreshments available at The Auction Barn?

Yes. You will be able to purchase tea, coffee, soft drinks and a variety of food on auction days.

16. How do i know if I've won my item?

Succesful online bidders will be notified via email & text the next day by 12 am. If you do not receive any notifications you were outbid during the live auction by one of the in-house bidders. Your bid history will also show whether you were successful.

1. Who is responsible for the remittance of GST imposed on the sale of items?

In accordance with general law principals, the vendor is ultimately responsible for the collection and remittance of any GST applicable to the sale of an auctioned item. In most circumstances, where the vendor is registered, the GST-inclusive sale price, less auction fees or commission, is passed on to the vendor who must then account for GST in their Business Activity Statement.

2. How will the GST be treated on goods, the buyers premium and commission?

In general, if the vendor is registered or required to be registered the sale of new or second-hand goods will attract the GST. The vendor is required to charge the purchaser the GST, collect the GST and subsequently remit the amount to the ATO (after claiming any applicable input tax credits). The buyer’s premium is generally considered to form part of the total consideration or sale price of the item. Accordingly, GST would be charged on this amount as well. The commissions to any vendor (registered or not) will be subject to the GST provisions.

3. What are the GST implications as a seller?

The following is intended as a guide only and for further clarification on GST and its affect on you, please contact the Australian Taxation Office. When a GST registered company or person, or one that is required to be registered, sells items through auction, GST at the rate of 10% would apply to most goods sold. The company or person would subsequently be required to prepare a Business Activity Statement, which would then be lodged with the ATO.

4. Is GST payable on the seller’s commission?

Yes, the seller’s commission is considered a taxable supply of the Auction Barn’s services. Accordingly, GST on any fees or commissions would be required to be charged to the vendor by the Auction Barn.

5. Are my items insured whilst at The Auction Barn?

No. Whilst all care is taken with vendors’ items it is the responsibility of the vendor to organise insurance if required.

6. What happens to unsold items?

Items are generally given a chance to sell in two auctions. If still unsold after being listed in two auctions, you will be contacted to discuss the matter. General goods of low value are often donated to charity without further contact being made with the vendor. If this is likely, you will be advised when you drop your items off for consignment.

7. How do I know what my items sold for?

At the completion of an auction we email a list of the prices your goods sold for as well as a list of unsold items and cost associated with the Auction

8. When do I get paid for my sold items?

The proceeds from the sale of your items are paid directly into your nominated bank account 10-14 working days after the auction. At the time the proceeds are being deposited into your account, you will also receive an itemised account showing the prices your goods sold for, less charges and commissions deducted by The Auction Barn.

9. How much does it cost to sell items at The Auction Barn?

In general, the commission is 22.5% + $5 for listing. However, commissions can vary depending on value and quantity. Therefore, please contact The Auction Barn for more information

10. Can I place a Reserve Price on items?

A Reserve Price is a minimum the price the Auctioneer will sell your item for. In general, we discourage the setting of Reserves as we find that the market determines the relevant value for items. However, in certain circumstances, for example, for particularly valuable items, Reserves can be placed on goods as long as the Auctioneers deem the Reserve to be sensible and achievable. When placing reserves, take into consideration our commission. For more information please speak with the Auctioneer

11. What happens to my items once they arrive at The Auction Barn?

Once your goods are received at The Auction Barn they are inspected, and a description added to our computerised database. Each item, or collection of items, is identified by a vendor and item code, which allows us to track the ownership of the items as they are added to various auctions. A receipt, detailing the goods received, is then given to, emailed, faxed or mailed to the vendor for their records. Before your goods are auctioned and you receive your stock list, it is the responsibility of the vendor to advise of any discrepancies for items not listed or described incorrectly.

12. When are catalogues available for each auction?

Catalogues are usually available and downloadable from this website, or picked up from The Auction Barn 24 hours prior to the auction.

13. When can I inspect or view a pending auction?

You can inspect anytime during business hours, although some auctions may not be fully prepared until the day prior to the auction commencing. Inspection is usually from 9 am till 5 pm the day before the auction or from 8 am on the morning of the auction.

14. How do I get my items to The Auction Barn?

Goods can be taken to The Auction Barn between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. If you can’t bring your goods in yourself, The Auction Barn can organise for your goods to be picked up and brought to The Auction Barn for a fee. Please contact The Auction Barn for more information on cartage.

15. What can you sell at The Auction Barn?

Anything and everything is a good description of what you can sell at The Auction Barn. In general we run weekly (Sunday) auctions, which include our Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles auction, Collectable Cabinet Lots auction and our General Goods auction. We also run specialist auctions to cater for collections (for example, wine, model aircraft, bakelite and kitenalia). Please contact us if you have any questions about the type of auction that may be suitable for your goods.

16. Who can sell at The Auction Barn?

Anyone can sell at The Auction Barn: individuals, businesses, government departments, liquidators, and importers. (A selling profile can be developed to suit the situation.)

17. When does The Auction Barn conduct auctions?

The Auction Barn conducts General Auctions weekly on a Sunday commencing at 10:30am as well as specialist monthly auctions. See our Auction Calendar on our website for exact dates and times.

How do I make a payment online?

Once you get a confirmation email & SMS stating that you are the winning bidder. Please click on this link and click on the pay now button

Once you click on the Pay Now button, eWay's secure payment window will open in 1 - 5 seconds. Which will allow you to enter your credit card details securely

Alternate payment methods - Bank Transfer

Please ensure you quote the Bidder’s name and Bidder Number into your deposit so our Accounts Department can allocate your payment. These details can be found on the top of your invoice.
BSB Number: 012-997
Account No: 525 905 136
Credit Card - In-House Payment
A 1.6% surcharge (inclusive of GST) applies to Visa and MasterCard payments
American Express & Diners Club Card is not accepted.
Cheque - Cheques must be cleared before goods can be collected.
All of our invoices are in Australian Dollars.
Account Name: The Auction Barn Pty Ltd
Our Address: 10 Wiluna St, Fyshwick


At The Auction Barn, our goal is to provide the best auction service to customers in Canberra. We welcome your feedback to assist us in improving the customer experience. Thank you for your time.

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