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When you wish to acquire fine art, jewels, antiques or other valuable property, our knowledgeable specialists can help ensure ownership of a desired object that will enhance your present collection. Or, if you’re a novice collector, The Auction can provide basic guidance below

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Whether you’re a seasoned bargain hunter or someone new to the auction game, The Auction Barn is the perfect place to find the best antiques and collectables in Canberra. Whether you’re redecorating your home with impressive local finds, finding the perfect bespoke present, or scouting for unique shop stock, we make it easy for you to enter the buying game. With our simple online auctions - including a mobile and tablet optimised site for bidding on the go - and with our handy guide, soon you’ll be bidding and buying like a pro!



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Buyer’s Premium (which is 19.5% of the hammer price on every Lot, inclusive of GST) is added to all purchases. Any other questions? Please email or call us at (02) 6239 2095.
I'm having issues loggin in. How can this be fixed?

Check that your username & password combination is correct. Please note both email & password are case sensative. If you are unsure, please select "Forgot Password" or contact us (02)6239 2095.

Can I inspect the goods

Yes, we welcome inspections, see our opening times here.

Can I cancel a bid once placed online?

No, once bids are placed, they cannot be withdrawn, see our terms & conditions here

What does reserve not met mean?

If you see that your 'reserve not met' during the auction & when the lot closes for bidding online, it means you were the highest bidder. Great work!
You will receive an email letting you know if the reserve price has been met and the item has been won or if your offer is being referred to the vendor. If the vendor accepts your Max-bid, you will receive an auction invoice immediately.

If you would like more help or information, just click below to contact our friendly team. [email protected]


Registering as a Bidder & Buyer

With The Auction Barn, you can register as a bidder at any time. Simply click on the button to the top left of the page, or follow this Regiser here. You’ll need to provide an email address and a password. From there on, you can choose a username to represent yourself when bidding, and you’ll get a unique bidder number.

  • TIP: For security reasons, please refrain from using personal information, such as your email address, as your bidder name. If you need help changing your username, let us know Contact us.

Logging In

Once you log in with your email/username and password, you’ll be greeted with our simple ‘My Account’ page. From here, you’ll be able to: change your address, change your username, and change your password, as well as adjust how you’re notified of when an auction is ending, or when you’ve been outbid.

The ‘My Account’ page also has a navigation bar to the left hand side. It has the following pages:

  • Verify Account: An important step to prevent fraudulent bidding. If you need help verifying your account, Contact us
  • Current Bids: Your hub for bidding information, which shows you what lots you’re bidding on, whether you’re the top bidder or not, a calculation of your final costs including premiums.
  • Auction Results and Payments: Where you can go to view your paid and unpaid winning bids. You can pay via our secure card payment system, or visit our showrooms to pay in person.
  • Following: If you’re not quite sure whether to bid yet, or just interested in a lot, you can click on the heart icon on any lot to follow it. Each lot you’ve followed will be collected on your Following page, which can also be accessed via the top bar. Before the end of the auction, you’ll receive an email reminding you when your lots are closing.
  • Lot Alert: A function that notifies you of any new lots that have a key phrase in the description. For example, if you want to keep track of lots that mention Seiko watches, enter ‘Seiko’, or ‘Watch’ for all results with watch in the title.
  • Vendor Profile: If you’re selling with us, you can access a stock list with your items, their reserves, their stock code and when/where they’ll be auctioned, including your results. This also includes a tab for ‘My Stock Currently Listed’, which shows an overview of your items that are currently listed online, with links to the individual lot pages.


Bidding is done entirely online, and comes in two forms: Instant Bids and Maximum Bids.

  • Instant Bids place a bid at whatever value you have entered. 

For example, if you input a bid of $60, the bid price will immediately increase to $60.

  • Maximum Bids place a bid that is the maximum you are willing to pay. It automatically outbids competing bidders if your max bid is above the amount another competing bidder has entered. 

For example, if you are willing to pay $200 for an item, and that item is currently at $50, your bid will outbid the other buyer to $60, or whichever value that opposing bidder placed, under $200.

If another bidder had a maximum bid of $150, you will automatically outbid them at $160. Additionally, if another person has a maximum bid of higher than $200, because their value is higher than your maximum value, you will automatically be outbid by their maximum bid. 

When you bid, you’ll be prompted to confirm your bid, including a calculation estimate of your total cost, including 19.5% buyer’s premium. The buyer’s premium is an additional cost paid by the winning bidder that goes towards covering the costs of running The Auction Barn. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions and Glossary

Some items have reserves, which is a minimum sales price on an item. If an item has a reserve, you’ll see ‘reserve not met’ in red text next to the current top bid, if the reserve value is higher than the value of the current bid. 

In the case an item does not meet reserve, the item will be passed in. In the cases of items whose final values are close to their reserve, the vendor may choose to negotiate the final price, or you can choose to meet the reserve, after receiving a notification via email. If your max bid is equal to the reserve but the item does not meet reserve in the auction, you may be offered the item post-auction at the reserve price, subject to the vendor’s approval.

All our auctions have ‘soft closes’ which extends the end time of an auction by 5 minutes in the case of active, competitive bidding, and by 1 minute if you are outbid by another bidder’s maximum bid. These extensions, or 'rollovers', are continuous until the all the bidders cease bidding and the auction is won.

Payment & Collections

Congratulations! You’ve won something, and post auction, you’ll receive a text or email letting you know you were successful. From here on, you’ll receive an invoice detailing your winnings, which will include information such as your bidder number, the auction in which you bid, and the lot numbers you won, with an outline of the total cost.

From here, you can pay through our secure online gateway or pay in person at our showrooms,  and either collect your items with the help of our showroom assistants or request postage. To collect your purchases, please visit our premises during our opening hours with a copy of your winner’s email/invoice and photo ID.

We require our customers to pay and collect their winnings within 48 hours from the time they receive their invoice, and provide a copy of their winning email and photo ID.  If you are unable to make it in person to our premises, you can nominate a third party to collect your items on your behalf. To do so, you’ll need to send them with a copy of your winner’s email, along with a photocopy of the purchaser’s photo ID and a signed note authorising our staff to release your purchases to a third party.

If you are collecting in person, here’s a few tips!

  • Bring sufficient packing and containers for your items. We cannot supply things such as boxes, tubs, padding or paper.
  • Ensure you can safely and securely transport your items, including providing your own blankets, ties, and checking the dimensions of the item in question in advance.
  • If you’ve already paid for your items, print out your invoice for quick and easy collection by one of our friendly staff!

If you think you may be delayed or unable to pay or collect, please contact us as soon as possible as we can organise alternatives, including storage at cost, or alternative pick up arrangements, including nominating a third party. Failure to do so may result in your order being cancelled, and your account being blocked.