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If you’ve ever sold something - especially online - you’ll know that it’s not easy. Getting a good photo, knowing the right terms to describe an item with, and working out a good price - then having to wade through people offering too low, or never showing up.

At The Auction Barn, we make selling easy. Without the hassle, without having to worry about scammers or no-shows, we make sure that your items find a new and loving home.



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Our Process

Being a seller, or Vendor, is just a matter of a simple form, which can be completed or in person. When you sign up, you’ll receive an individual vendor code, usually a three letter code which is used to process your items for sale and identify them on the showroom floor.

Our fees start at a 22.5% commission on sales, and a $10 lotting fee, with variations depending on the auction and type of lots sold. These fees allow us to spend time researching, describing, and photographing your items, and writing the thorough and glowing descriptions that give our customers the information they need to press that bid button!

Through our website, you can access your Vendor Profile, which is where you can review all the items you’ve consigned to us that have been processed. Your stock list will show you all your past and future items for sale, including their reserves, stock code, and when they were auctioned. For your items currently live on our website, the ‘My Stock Currently Listed’ tab contains an overview of all your items with links to their individual lot pages.

To create your vendor profile, you’ll need to register as a user of The Auction Barn website. If you’re already registered as a pre-existing bidder, Contact Us or let us know next time you’re in the showrooms to link your buyer and seller accounts.
There’s a few ways to get your items from out of the cupboard and onto the showroom floor, and we can help! The majority of our vendors visit our drop off and pick up point by our warehouse entrance, where we take inventory and place the items into storage. Our turnaround time is swift, and we often store items to place them in our specialist auctions, such as Asian Arts or Militaria, for the best exposure to the parties most interested in your items. If you are unable to make it to our location, we can facilitate the collection of items through our truck or van collection service for those in the ACT, or through courier service and regular postage. In the case of estates, liquidations, or similar large-scale deliveries, Contact Us for your delivery options.

TIP: We encourage all our customers to take a photo or write an inventory of what they leave with us, to help us describe and inventorise your items as quickly as possible. Our policy on reserves is on a case-by-case basis, and our experts can help you determine an estimate on your items. We discourage the use of reserves as we find the market determines the relevant price, however we are open to discussion, keeping in mind the reserve is sensible and achievable.
Once your goods have been processed, you’ll receive one or more emails with your descriptions, and, if applicable, reserves. Keep an eye on your vendor profile and inbox, and you’ll be able to find your lots as they go online, with an email a few days before the close of auction.

Typically, we send an email outlining the results and payments processed upon completion of the consignment, though some vendors - as per agreement - receive more frequent emails & payments. For the most up-to-date information, we heavily encourage our customers to use their online vendor profile to keep track of their items and sales.

If an item does not meet reserve, you’ll be contacted via email with the highest bid offer and the option to approve or dismiss the offer. Keep in mind that even if an item does not sell, the lotting fee is still applicable, and repeated listings can sometimes impact negatively on the overall result. We want to see our vendors succeed, and can offer several relisting options, including recombining with other items, or placing an item for sale in a different category of auction.

Payment for your goods can be expected to be paid to your nominated bank account within 10-14 business days, with an itemized list outlining the final sale price, minus fees and commission. If an item does not sell after two attempts, you will be prompted to recollect your items, or have them donated/disposed of.

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