Vintage Militaria & War Memorabilia BID NOW! Online Auction - Closes July 29th From 7PM (AEDT)

Information for Sellers

Selling at The Auction Barn

Simply bring your items to our showrooms or email your photos to obtain your Free Auction AppraisalSubject to your requirements, The Auction Barn can also assist with packing and delivering your item(s) to the salerooms. We receive goods Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm.

All vendors depositing items for sale with The Auction Barn do so accepting The Auction Barn’s vendor rules and will abide by any decisions made by The Auction Barn. While we endeavour to sell all items for as much as we can get The Auction Barn reserves the right to, donate or dispose of any items they feel have had enough auction exposure or are unsalable.

Vendor's Commission 

A commission and lotting fee dependent on the size of the item will be deducted from the bid price, together with any other cartage fee’s agreed to.

Auction Estimates

We are happy to provide auction estimates for items submitted for sale. If you are considering submitting goods for sale we can conduct a walk through valuation on site by appointment. We also welcome all walk-in appraisals, estimates can also be provided from photographs.


The Auction Barn advertises in the local newspapers, social media as well as our electronic newsletter. Where we have items of a unique nature specialist advertising will be undertaken and any charges will be fully discussed with our vendors in advance.


Whilst 95% of goods that enter The Auction Barn are unreserved, reserves can be placed on goods as long as the Auctioneers deem the reserve to be sensible and achievable. The Auctioneers are pleased to give advice in these situations.