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Winning Bidder: $40 by Ibrjap

Lot 1: A cast concrete garden statue of a courting young couple

Lot 2: A very large concrete planter with relief floral design

CAUTION very heavy, multi-person lift!

As Found, signs of cracking

Winning Bidder: $25 by Bidder13681

Lot 3: An Ozito metal cut off saw, plugged in and powered up, no further testing done

Winning Bidder: $31 by Jan2015$

Lot 4: A cast concrete garden pedestal in the shape of a round of three cherubs

As found

Lot 5: Very cool and Classic looking Slazenger Golf bag with 14 spots for clubs and extra pockets for all your golf balls and gear!

Lot 6: A vintage Hanimex TVG070C TV Game-Programmable console with right and left players

As found and untested

Lot 7: A vintage Oncooks limited edition outdoor barbeque mounted on a timber stand.
as found, used condition

Lot 8: BigTool pack! Hand Saw, Two gardening saw, Brand New Crimping Tool Kit - with 30 assorted terminals included, Garden shears , Hand Pincers ,Wood chisel ,Two Static Hinges for Gorilla Ladder, Hand bulb planter

Lot 9: New condition Black Wolf bag - This bag has tags on and appears to have never been used. A tag on the bag also display this bag has a lifetime warranty.

Lot 10: An Ozito AGG-051K angle grinder. plugged in and powered up, no further testing done.
comes with manual, blades and a carry case.

Lot 11: Collection of two fantastic plant pots in great condition. The first pot which is a lovely apple green colour is a 25CM in height with the diameter of 28CM. The second piece has a beautiful pattern with an almost Egyptian style feel to it - this one is 23CM tall and has a diameter of 18CM. Both look to be never used!

Winning Bidder: $30 by Rick2103

Lot 12: A cast concrete garden cherub birdbath stand

Lot 13: A cast concrete garden bird bath statue in the shape of a cherub holding an amphora, painted white

Lot 14: A traditional Indonesian sape musical instrument, marked 'Tussau 1993' to back

As found, strings require repair

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $10 by Rebecca

Lot 15: A Nissan car emblem badge as found

Lot 16: Hot Wheels Pack!
Porsche 993 GT2 - HW City
Corvette Grand Sport Roadster - The Fast and the Furious
70' Chevy Chevelle - Nightburnerz
71' El Camino - HW City
Gotta Go - Experimotors
Porsche 934 Turbo RSR - HW Workshops

All in their original packaging

Winning Bidder: $20 by Leeselou

Lot 17: A Sterling Silver Ring with natural rough uncut AQUAMARINE Gemstone

Winning Bidder: $30 by Michelle70

Lot 18: A Sterling Silver Pendant with WILD HORSE JASPER Gemstone from Western USA

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $80 by Bidder17808

Lot 19: Two Burma JADE Rings

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $25 by j_garvin

Lot 20: BALTIC AMBER Bracelet from Poland

Winning Bidder: $30 by Leeselou

Lot 21: A Large 120 Million year old AMMONITE Fossil From Madagascar

Winning Bidder: $20 by MorningStar

Lot 22: A 150 Million year old Jurasic age Fossil SAND DOLLAR From Madagascar

Lot 23: A white wooden bi fold door with leadlight panels featuring kookaburras featuring

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $52 by sjw998

Lot 24: One carat Uncut Rough DIAMOND'S

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $20 by wicklow

Lot 25: An AGOUDAL Iron Meteorite

Winning Bidder: $10 by rg59

Lot 26: 30 carats BALTIC AMBER Gemstone beads from Poland

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $25 by supermanrulz

Lot 27: 68 carats SMOKEY QUARTZ Gemstones

Winning Bidder: $25 by Bidder16597

Lot 28: 3.3 Kilo AMETHYST Crystal Cluster from Brazil

Winning Bidder: $40 by Nigel Cunniffe

Lot 29: 70 Million year old Fossil MOSASAUR Jaw from Morocco

Lot 30: A Jewelley box made from Selenite and 400 Million year old Devonian age Fossil filled marble from Morocco

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $15 by sjw998

Lot 31: 62 carats CARNELLIAN Gemstones

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $80 by Bidder15182

Lot 32: 6 carats GREEN TOURMALINE Gemstones

Winning Bidder: $10 by Bidder16597

Lot 33: A Huge 113 carat ROSE QUARTZ Crystal of Love Gemstone

Lot 34: Hot Wheels pack!

'41 Willys - HW Flames
Humvee - HW Rescue
'69 Chevelle SS 396
Aston Martin One-77 - 2011 HW Premiere
'68 Mercury Cougar - HW Race
'70 Chevy Chevelle - HW Workshop

All in their original packaging

Lot 35: Ozlegends - Valiant Charger 'BIG TANK' E49 in it's original packaging 1:32. Lime Green.

Lot 36: A wall mounted plaster moulded profile of a child painted brown

Lot 37: A Vintage Canon Super 8 Auto Zoom 518 SV Video Camera. Comes In Original Case with Instructions

Winning Bidder: $30 by Bidder12530

Lot 38: A unique glass product! A large glass jar in the shape of a human head

Lot 39: A vintage style wall clock with pressed tin frame, marked to face 'Antiques 1870 London'

Lot 40: Two pairs of new army issue 85% 'Top Socks', Two army issue t-shirts ,one new in packet size L and a Khaki t-shirts size M, plus a pair of Gore-Tex thermalgloves with leather layer and a pair of men's genuine brown leather gloves size 95

Lot 41: Four beautiful books on photography including Kunwinjku Spirit', 'Lighthouses', 'Face to face, Portraits of the Human Spirit' and 'Sleeping Beauties'

Lot 42: A collection of Christian religious items, including two Madonna and child plaster wall plaques and figures of Jesus, as found

Lot 43: A collection perfect for a man, includes a old radio, two belts and a personal health kit in a case

Personal health kit measured
As found, some objects missing from the personal health kit

Lot 44: Hot Wheels '86 Monte Carlo SS
Hot Wheels TV Series Batmobile
Hot Wheels '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport
Hot Wheels '67 Camaro
Hot Wheels Custom Ford Maverick
Hot Wheels '64 Chevy Chevelle SS

All in original packaging

Lot 45: A 'Robotoolz' crossliner laser and case

Crossliner measured
As found, laser turns on, no further testing, no stand

Lot 46: Hot Wheels Spiderman Maximum Venom - Tail Dragger
Hot Wheels Batmobile
Hot Wheels '81 Camaro
Hot Wheels '68 Chevy Nova
Hot Wheels '71 Dodge Charger
Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger

All in original packaging

Lot 47: A set of four Grindley (England) collector's plates featuring hunting scenes of horsemen, hounds and pheasants

Dimensions of each plate

Lot 48: 2020 HOT WHEELS '69 DODGE CHARGER 500 in ORANGE - HW FLAMES 8/10
Hot Wheels Premium Fast & Furious 66 Chevy Nova Motor City Muscle
Hot Wheels Volvo 850 Estate - Red 2/10
Hot Wheels THE NASH - Light Blue and white
Hot Wheels ‘49 Merc - Red with flames

All in original packaging

Lot 49: Leather playing card case dated 13-08-1983 with Gold writing saying 'Arthur Day 13-8-83' and a Key with the number 21 written over it. Two packs of playing cards inside with the same printing.

Lot 50: A collection of ten Matchbox scale model cars in original boxes, including some limited editions

Lot 51: Three books on Mount Everest including personal accounts by Levison Wood and Kenton Cool, plus a 'Field guide to the Kokoda Track'

Lot 52: A Road Rats 53 Chevy Pickup boxed two model car & figurine boxed set

Box dimensions: 29 cm x 15 cm x 11 cm

Lot 53: A collection of small decorative homeware, including glass and ceramic animal figurines, Avon cologne glass bottles, small ceramic souvenir dishes and a stained glass hanging decoration

Lot 54: A cute cast concrete duck for the garden, lovely patina, will look as though its been there for years

Winning Bidder: $20 by VCAR03

Lot 55: #5 – Kilo LABRADORITE Crystals From Madagascar

Lot 56: #114 – Collection of 400 million yeart old Devonian age AMMONITE Fossils from Morocco

Winning Bidder: $15 by eclecticmiss

Lot 57: #1 – Two Kilos ROSE QUARTZ Crystals of Love

Lot 58: #16 – Collection of nearly 400 million year old Devonian age ORTHOCERAS Fossils from Morocco. Drilled at one end and easy to make Pendants.

Lot 59: Two Exclusive First Edition 1/76 scale diecast model buses in original boxes, No. 25601 and 25103

Lot 60: Hot Wheels '64 Chevy Nova Wagon
Hot Wheels '68 Dodge Wagon
Hot Wheels Big-Air Bel -Air
Hot Wheels '32 Ford
Hot Wheels '70 Volkswagen Baja Bug
Hot Wheels '70 Ford Escort RS1600
Hot Wheels Mod Rod
Hot Wheels Premium 72' Ford Gran Torino Sport

All in original packaging

Lot 61: A collection of Holden Cars, including two model cars one a Comomodore VR Accalim and a Holden VU SS ute, both in original packaging, also includes a remote controlled Team Vodafone #888 in scale 1:24 in original packaging, perfect for a new collector!

As found, Vodafone remote controlled car untested

Winning Bidder: $10 by KN13

Lot 62: A collection of books on Defence Force aircraft, helicopters and submarines

Lot 63: Three English & Scottish Coin Purses, including a Charming Vintage Scottie Dog Clasp Tartan Folding Purse with Hinged Frame, a Tartan Cap Purse with Pompom, and a Leather City of London Purse, all in excellent condition with age related wear to scottie dog purse

Cap Purse:

Lot 64: Beautiful Vintage RCR Royal Crystal Rock Perfume Fragrance Bottle - No Stopper

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $25 by Bidder17808

Lot 65: #79 – Two AGATE Stone Bangles

Lot 66: A leather look men's jewellery case with contents including ADF cufflinks and a Pierre Cardin tie bar

Lot 67: Two Die cast metal cars, includes a set of six military vehicles and a fire and rescue in the scale 1:48, both in original packaging

Largest measured
As found, fire and rescue untested

Lot 68: A Collection of model cars including, a V-power F430 Farrari scale 1:38, a RMZ City collection 19 Chevrolet Corvette C6-R and a Fast and Furious 'Brian's Toyota Supra' in the scale 1:18, all in original packaging, perfect to start a collection!

As found, minor damage to Chevrolet and Fast and Furious boxes

Lot 69: Two items of women's clothing, one a camel tailored pant by the brand 'Atmos and here' in size 12, tags still attached and the other an over-sized vest by 'Wish' in size 10

As found

Lot 70: Brand New - Contemporary Mirror in Timber Black/Gold Painted Frame
W: 47cm, H: 70m

Lot 71: Large Contemporary Mirror with Beveled Edge - In Silver Painted Frame.
Brand New Item.
W: 94cm, H: 195cm

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $15 by Dual Screen

Lot 72: A black metal wine rack

Winning Bidder: $15 by Nigel Cunniffe

Lot 73: A Coleman camp chair with adjustable height and beer stubby holder

As found

Winning Bidder: $80 by Cleo

Lot 74: An oak hall cabinet with two shoe racks and two drawers

Winning Bidder: $25 by Con1

Lot 75: A cast iron wall plaque featuring the directions for garage

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $20 by HarlotsFyshwick

Lot 76: #4 – AGATE Geode from Brazil

Winning Bidder: $10 by GarNar

Lot 77: Official 2011 NRL collector cards - COMPLETED pack!

Lot 78: Hot Wheels pack!
Honda S2000 - The Fast And The Furious
Datsun 240Z - HW Workshop
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
Fiat 500 - HW Daredevils
'11 Ken Block Ford Fiesta - 2011 HW Premiere
'94 Toyota Supra - The Fast and the Furious

All in their original packaging

Lot 79: Hot Wheels Pack!

55' Corvette - Then and Now
'70 Pontac Firebird - HW 50 Race Team
'81 Delorean DMC-12 - HW City
Fast Felion - HW Sports
'70 Ford Escort RS1600 - Fast and the Furious
Bentley Continental Supersports - HW Workshop

All in their original packaging

Winning Bidder: $106 by Bidder17413

Lot 80: A cast concrete antique style pedestal & bird bath set

Winning Bidder: $65 by supermanrulz

Lot 81: A colonial-style Aussie timber bar, perfect for serving beers at your next BBQ

Lot 82: A collection of Coca-Cola collectibles, comprising a vintage metal tray, a set of two glasses, a Frisbee and an inflatable beach ball in unopened packaging

Tray: 27 cm x 34 cm

Lot 83: A group of travel souvenirs from Italy, Africa and Australia, including dolls in national costume plus a couple of teaspoons with opal decorations, as found

Winning Bidder: $40 by markopolo

Lot 84: #14 – Old Yugoslavia Banknote collection

Lot 85: A pair of quality folding umbrellas with wooden handle and shades featuring 'Le dejeuner des Canotiers' by Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919, French) and 'Une soiree elegante' by Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1947-1933, French)


Lot 86: A Miniature Cane Furniture Setting, with bench, chair, and side table, all painted white

As found, bench dimensions, 40cm (L) x 33cm (H) x 27cm (D)

Winning Bidder: $26 by efisky

Lot 87: A Shakespeare Navigator 2050-070 fishing reel appearing as new in box

Lot 88: Three box sets of Hot Wheels scale model cars, comprising 'Car Meet', 'HW Hot Trucks' and HW Exotics'

As new in unopened packaging

Lot 89: Really great pair of antique irons. A really good ornamental piece for the home.

Lot 90: A small folding Japanese table screen with figures in a cherry tree landscape and a black lacquer ware tray featuring cranes, both new in original boxes

Lot 91: A cute collection of miniatures including birds, bronze ornaments and a piano/music box that plays 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head'!

Birds 15cm high

Lot 92: Two J Carlton collectable miniature houses by Gault (France), including 'Boulangerie', model number 210105, and 'Cafe-Tabac', model number 210110, of cast, painted resin

Dimensions of 'Cafe-Tabac'

Lot 93: Two little deers, including a lamp worked glass faun and a Poole trinket dish with deer surface design

Dimensions of faun

Lot 94: A collection of four vintage (1983) Matchbox 'Convoy' scale model trucks in original boxes

Winning Bidder: $10 by FireChief

Lot 95: A pair of Jim Beam fabric flags for the mancave

Both : 147 cm x 90 cm

Lot 96: Five decorative printed cushion covers in heavy woven fabric, as new

Lot 97: A queen sized electric blanket with two controllers with LCD screens for controlling the blanket. Tested and powered up, no further testing done.

Lot 98: Seven lovely and interesting books on flowers and gardening including 'Roses' by James Winterrowd, 'Garden Inspiration' by Charlotte Moss and 'The Garden at Stonefields' by Paul Bangay and Simon Griffiths

Lot 99: A number of reference books on English Language plus Applied Calculus, Physics and the Theory of Mechanics

Lot 100: Three box sets of scale model military figures, comprising an Elite Command Collector's series eight diecast soldier set No. 30095, and two Action 8 German Grenadiers sets, No. 80002 and 80005

All appear as new in unopened packaging