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Lot 1: A fine pair of Chinese antique style horseshoe armchairs with simple carved back splat

Lot 2: A Japanese miniature samurai armour set, with presentation box, name plaque, and accessories

As found, not complete; one leg greave missing, dragon mounting to helmet loose, one metal helmet rivet missing, slight wear to box exterior, overall presents excellently

Dimensions when mounted on stand:

Lot 3: A heavily glazed Chinese green & white vase, with applied glaze dragons

In good condition, some crackling to the glaze in the thickest areas of application

Lot 4: A Stunning Shiwan Ware (Chinese) Figure of a seated woman, resplendent in a colourful gown decorated with flowers in her hair and dress, seated on a rock with blossoming lilies, with impressed seal stamps to rock base plus inscription

In excellent condition with only four small chips to the flowers on her skirt and possibly one small chip to a flower in her hair

Lot 5: A Beautiful Carved Ivory Figurine of a lady, in simple flowing robes with an elaborate hairstyle and holding an unknown object in her hands, lightly tinted to eyes and eyebrows, a finely observed piece with one chip to object, some vertical cracks along the grain and scuffs, attr. Chinese, first quarter of the 20th century, with timber plinth (not flush against stand)

Lot 6: A Rare & Beautiful Japanese Ivory Netsuke of a Panda, with inlaid eyes and signature to back, circa 20th century

Lot 7: A stunning Chinese cloisonne inscense censer, featuring a polished brass base with applied flowers and scrolling on a teal ground extending to under the base, with fierce lion head lugs, character mark to base, 16.5cm (dia.) x 7.5cm (H)

Lot 8: A Chinese cafe au lait or 'Batavia Brown' bowl, with blue & white fish amongst plants with a hexagonally decorated inner border and lustrous brown outer glaze, some areas of imperfect glaze firing to surface and rim, 16cm (dia.) x 7.5cm (H)

Lot 9: A glazed earthenware Chinese dish with loose blue painted design, as found, age related wear

Lot 10: A Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose hexagonal lidded vase, featuring six brightly enamelled scenes bordered by dainty floral sprays, topped with a lid

Appears in very good overall condition

Lot 11: An Unusual Chinese Double Gourd Vase, enamelled with mauve, between red bats and pale yellow-blue gourds

In good condition; purple enamelled surface appears bubbly (possibly misfired), unmarked to base

Lot 12: A Timber Carved Pumpkin Box, with spiralling leaf work decoration to top, very good condition with minor scuffs to base

Lot 13: A pair of Chinese famille rose medallion cups and saucers, including a coffee can and teacup, all as found, largest saucer measures:

Lot 14: An Asian timber figure of a dancing person, in a beautiful dark coloured stain, 18cm (H)

Lot 15: A Collection of Beasts! Eight Glazed Ceramic figures of mythical asian creatures, including a foo dog, sea serpent, and dragon turtle

All in excellent condition, all in box (box a/f), each approx.:

Winning Bidder: $25 by Junali

Lot 16: A Chinese Cinnabar Dish, with radial design of flowers and fronds

Lot 17: A beautifully enamelled Chinese blue & white planter pot, with hexagonal footed form and underglaze blue waves and clouds, with handpainted enamel dragons in green, pink, red, teal, and yellow, including one facing front-on, with elegant gold trim and walled edge, with a yongzheng six character zhuanshu mark to base, with fitted box, 13cm (H) x 13.5cm (dia.)

Lot 18: A Chinese famille rose porcelain plate with central scene of auspicious objects

Lot 19: A Beautiful Timber Carved Pomegranate Box, carved of a richly coloured dark timber, with beautiful open carved stem detail, label to inner

Lot 20: A Fine Pair of Chinese Long Necked Vases, in a pale blue glaze, imperfections to glaze surface, with ROC 'Jian Ding' export seal to base plus original shop stickers, estimated c. 20th century

Dimensions each:

Lot 21: Three Glazed Pottery Water Droppers, including a sancai glazed eel, a green and yellow glazed turtle, and a celadon foo dog, all as found; eel chipped, applied dirt and scuffing to surface, largest (foo dog): 9cm (L) x 6cm (H)

Lot 22: A Pair of Chinese 'Erotica' vases, each with handpainted amorous scenes of couples in a landscape, on miniature rouleau forms with gilt necks and footrims, each with calligraphic inscriptions to back, with six character apocryphal zhuanshu Qianlong mark to base, each dimensions: 16.5cm (H) with fitted presentation box

Lot 23: Artist Unknown, a depiction of a young woman picking flowers, relief print on handmade paper, no visible signature

Dimensions of frame

Lot 24: A large Chinese Yuan period style fish charger

As found with some firing imperfections to glaze

Lot 25: A pair of lacquered nesting Asian side tables with bird and cherry blossom designed tops, as found with some chips to paint, largest measures:

Lot 26: Artist Unknown, Chinese brush and ink drawing depicting an elderly man riding a mule, possibly Zhang Guo Lao, one of the Eight Immortals, often depicted in this way, ink on paper, text and two chop stamps to TL

As Found, marks and some stains to paper, including signs of foxing

Dimensions of paper

Lot 27: A Stunning Chinese Reverse Glass Painted curio cabinet for wall mounting, painted with a scene of a scholar and a lady entertained in an interior by a child playing music, opens to reveal meander style shelving

In very good condition, minor scuffs, painting appears in excellent condition

Lot 28: A two-door Korean cabinet with two drawers, brass handles, hinges and other details

Lot 29: A Tang Dynasty style pottery figure of a dancing lady, accompanied by an archaistic dragon & phoenix vase, in a matte gray sheen

Larger (vase):

Lot 30: Five Fine Chinese Teacups, including three blue & red eggshell porcelain cups with birds amongst leaves and flowers, and two 'Chicken Cups', one with a gilt rim and foot rim and blue and white surface, the other with a doucai colour palette, all with Chenghua marks to base, each approx. 8cm (dia.) x 4.5cm (H)

Lot 31: A Vintage Chinese 'Mun Shou' Teapot and Teacup set, popular as midcentury Chinese resturant or wedding ware, in rich red tone with lotus scrollwork, with two cups and saucers ready for serving!

Largest (teapot): 15cm (H) x 13cm (dia.)

Winning Bidder: $40 by delft22

Lot 32: A Chinese Famille Bleu planter pot, with enamelled leaf & gourd pattern

As found

Lot 33: An archaistic style pottery vessel, for wine, oil, water, or soy sauce, accompanied by two Asian studio pottery plates

Each in very good condition; pourer approx.

Lot 34: An unusual Annamese (Vietnamese) ware style jarlet of diminutive form with handled sides and lid, after larger examples, and a Chinese nanking ware small vase with famille verte enamelling

Both as found; chip to outer rim of nanking vase; Annamese ware with significant crazing and wear, but no significant structural issues
Nanking vase:

Winning Bidder: $80 by Bidder13075

Lot 35: A Miniature Chinese Altar Table with stone inlaid surface and dragon meanders to side

Lot 36: A large vintage Chinese lacquered storage chest with inlaid designs of figures in gardens and inner tray for small items

As Found, small losses to inlay, wear to finish, including chips, water stains, scrapes

Lot 37: An antique Chinese soy sauce pot, circa late 19th century, with brown treacle glaze and unglazed foot, vendor reports purportedly from Victorian goldfields

Lot 38: A beautiful Chinese porcelain lidded jar with blue & white underglaze decoration, padded to base

Lot 39: A Box Set of Archaistic Chinese Cast Metal Animal figures, with beautiful green oxidised look, each with custom stands and presented in a case with viewing panel

Lot 40: A vintage ceramic Japanese noh theatre mask, possibly haunted or at the very least host to some sort of spirit, with handpainted exterior and interior with a paper inscription to inside

Note: spirit not guaranteed

Lot 41: A beautiful black lacquer teaset for six with gold and red dragon pattern, comprising teapot, sugar bowl with lid, milk jug and six teaspoons, on a matching tray, C, 1950s, great condition for a delicate item, minor cracking to lacquer

Lot 42: A pair of antique Chinese lobed bowls with turquoise inner glaze and enameled decoration to outer

Lot 43: A Beautifully Bound Hardcover Copy of 'Famous Chinese Paintings in Colour', featuring colour prints of artworks from the neolithic to the 21st century, in very good vintage condition

Lot 44: A brass-bound two-door Korean cabinet with five drawers, brass handles, hinges and other details

As Found, a few light marks to top

Lot 45: An antique look Chinese Blue & White handpainted porcelain jar lid, featuring handpainted blue decoration to a pale blue-white glazed surface, ideal as a replacement for a lost or broken lid, or repurposed, 15cm (dia.) x 4cm (H)

Lot 46: Two Figures of Buddha: A Cast Metal Budai 'Laughing Buddha' figure, jovial and plump, and a comparatively austere Indian buddha figure carved in timber

Largest (timber) piece:

Lot 47: A large Chinese bronze ritual wine vessel (Jue), with archaistic moulded sides and a pouring spout on four tapered legs, character mark underneath

In good lightly patinated condition; please note this item is heavy

Lot 48: An archaistic Japanese cast Hou-ou (Pheonix) figure, with a fierce expression and outstretched wings with a plumed tail, likely blackened brass, in the style of a figure often seen in the Heian and Muromachi periods, often seen today perched atop temple rooves, with lacquered red and gilt stand

Signed to base

Lot 49: A Chinese large ceramic panel, possibly porcelain, with transferred & enamelled floral decoration, in a beautiful carved wooden frame

Frame dimensions:

Lot 50: An impressive mirror pair of Chinese enamelled vases, with famille rose scenes of generals to surface amongst a complex of thickly enamelled and profuse pattern of sprays of flowers, peaches, and butterflies, applied chilongs, foo dog lugs, and a chilong meander to base, both unmarked to base, slight loss of gilding and some dust, slight crazing to some enamels, each approx. 43.5cm (H)

Lot 51: A Vintage Chinese Cabinet - a restorer's dream! with beautiful hand hammered brass decorations in the form of bats and auspicious symbols, fitting for a traditional Chinese lock to front, with tree green lacquer paint, upper cabinet concealing drawers, with two large drawers below

As found; paint flaking, chipping - easily removed, one handle to side, back left foot missing, as found