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Single Vendor Sale - Museum Quality Minerals, Meteorites, Fossils, and More! Part 1 of 2 (Inspections: Section A)

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Lot 1: Genuine Elephant Bird Egg 'Aepyornis Maximus' - Found in Madagascar.
H: 31cm
The Elephant Bird Was Not Only the Largest Bird to Ever Exist, But Also Laid the Largest Eggs - Even When Compared to the Dinosaurs. These Impressive Animals Only Died out ~1200 years ago - Likely Due to the Fact That They Were Huge 650kg Flightless Meat Sources.

Please See These Videos for More Information:
David Attenborough:
Pawn Stars:

Lot 2: Tanzanite - Uncut Mineral Specimen. Displays Rich Purple/Blue Colour.
Weight: 218ct (44g)
L: 4.5cm

Lot 3: Tourmalated Quartz - Extraordinarily Clear Piece, Cabochon Cut.
Weight: 252ct (50g)
L: 6cm

Lot 4: Spectacular Faceted Rutilated Smokey Quartz
Weight: 411ct (82g)
L: 6cm, W: 4cm, Depth: 2.5cm

Current Top Bid: $35. Reserve Not Met by 🦑

Lot 5: Aquamarine Crystal
Weight: 168g
L: 7cm

Lot 6: Spessartine Garnet Specimen - Exhibits Interesting Cubic Crystal System and Rich Orange/Red Colour. Comes Mounted on Plastic Display Stand.
Mineral Dimensions: L: 27mm, W: 21mm

Lot 7: A Prepared and Detailed Fossil of Five 'Jimbacrinus Bostocki' - A Type of Extinct Crinoid Related to the Starfish. Lived on the Ocean Floor during the Periman Period (280myo). Found in the Cundlego Formation in WA. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
L: 16cm

Current Top Bid: $210. Reserve Not Met by Robrocks

Lot 8: A Genuine Megalodon Tooth From Carolina, USA.
L: 10cm, W: 7.5cm

Winning Bidder: $40 by Robrocks

Lot 9: Impressive Polished Ammonite Fossil - Displays Fantastic Patterning
L: 9cm

Lot 10: A Collection of Faceted and Rough Precious Gemstones. Includes Jade, Diamond, Opal. Alexandrite, Tourmaline, and Spinel. Each Set is Contained in a Protective Case (Diameter: 3cm)

Lot 11: Diplomystus Dentats Mortality Plate (Fossil) - Type of Extinct Freshwater Fish from the Ecocene Epoch (36-58myo). This Piece was Found in the Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA.
L: 18cm, W: 15cm

Lot 12: Plesiosaurus Vertebrae Fossil - An Extinct Type of Large Predatory Marine Reptile. This Fossil was Found in the Kataoua Phosphate Beds in Morocco. Approximate Age - Upper Cretaceous Period (100-66myo).
L: 12cm

Lot 13: Fossilised Dinosuar Tooth Belonging to 'Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus' - A Species of Large Therapod Dinosaur Which Lived in the Upper Cretaceous Period. This Specimen was Found in Morocco. Comes Mounted in Frame with Information Card.
Tooth Length: 7cm
Frame Size: L: 20cm, W: 15cm

Lot 14: Fossilised Spinosaurus Tooth. Found in Taouz, Morocco. Approximate Age: Late Cretaceous Period (100-66myo).
L: 6cm
Frame Size - L: 20cm, W: 14.5cm

Lot 15: Fossilised Ichthyosaur Vertebrae - A Type of Predatory Marine Reptile. This Piece was Found in Lyme Regis, UK
L: 12cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by eclecticmiss

Lot 16: A Collection of Petoskey Stones - Fossilised Rugose Coral.
Largest Piece: 6cm

Lot 17: Seymchan Meteorite Slice - Genuine Specimen. Discovered in Eastern Russia in 1967. This Piece Displays Fantastic Widmanstätten Patterning. Comes with Framed A4 Information Page.
Weight: 426.7g
L: 13cm, W: 8.5cm, Depth: 0.5cm

Lot 18: Nantan Meteorite - Genuine Specimen. Discovered in 1958 in Guangxi, China. Comes in Display Case
Weight: 1.46g
L: 13mm

Lot 19: Box Hole Meteorite - Genuine Specimen. Found at the Box Hole Meteorite Crater in Plenty River, NT (1933). Comes with Museum of Victoria Information Page.
Weight: 99g
L: 5cm

Lot 20: Collection of Genuine Tektites - A Type of Glass Formed by a Meteorite Impact.
Largest Piece: 4.5cm

Winning Bidder: $65 by Robrocks

Lot 21: Cleoniceras Ammonite Fossil - Displays Vibrant Red Opalescence.
L: 5cm

Lot 22: A Piece of Australian Marlborough Chrysoprase - Nice Apple Green Colour.
L: 12cm, W: 6cm, H: 10cm

Winning Bidder: $20 by eclecticmiss

Lot 23: Cut and Polished Piece of Carnelian - Comes in Display Box
Stone Length: 6cm

Lot 24: Bi-Colour Faceted Gemstone - Likely Smokey Quartz. Comes in Display Case
Weight: 98ct (20g)
L: 4cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by Bidder13462

Lot 25: Heavy Replica Republic of China Treasury Gold Ingot.
L: 5cm

Winning Bidder: $65 by sjw998

Lot 26: Faceted Blue Topaz - Comes with GGL Certification.
Weight: 83ct (16.5g)
L: 32mm

Winning Bidder: $70 by sjw998

Lot 27: Faceted Citrine - Comes with GGL Certification.
Weight: 103ct (20.5g)
L: 33mm

Lot 28: Larimar with Natural Quartz Veins - Cabochon Cut . Appears to Have Been Broken and Repaired.
L: 6cm

Starting Bid: $10

Lot 29: Synthetic Blue Sapphire
Weight: 84ct (17g)
L: 21mm

Winning Bidder: $20 by sjw998

Lot 30: Two Naturally Formed Pyrite Cubes From Navajun, Spain.
Each: 3cm

Lot 31: Polished Amethyst Point - Mounted on Timber Base. Great Colour
L: 9.5cm,W: 9.5cm H: 6.5cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by Peter pan

Lot 32: A Piece of Native Copper
Weight: 220g
L: 9cm

Lot 33: Impressive Clear Quartz Crystal with Chlorite Inclusions - Mounted on Display Base
H: 5cm

Lot 34: A Piece of Polished Congo Malachite. Exhibits Nice Banding and Botryoidal Features.
L: 9.5cm

Lot 35: Beautiful Moroccan Azurite Crystal - Features Vibrant Copper Blue Tone.
Diameter: 7cm

Lot 36: Sulfur Crystal - Picked From a Live Volcanic Fumarole. Brilliant Yellow Colour.
L: 10cm

Winning Bidder: $20 by Mina

Lot 37: A Pair of Rose Quartz Double-Point Scepters.
Each: 9cm

Lot 38: Collection of Twenty-Four Cut and Faceted Precious Gemstones. Stored in Labeled Display Case with Individual Containers for Each Stone. Includes Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Opal, Tourmaline, and More!
Each Container Diameter: 3cm
Full Case: L: 21cm, W: 19cm

Winning Bidder: $125 by sjw998

Lot 39: Letter Opener Made From Malachite and Bone - Displays Fantastic Banding.
L: 24cm

Winning Bidder: $22 by Bidder16799

Lot 40: Mueseum Replica of a Pterosaur Fossil
L: 11cm, W: 11cm

Lot 41: A Collection of Faceted and Uncut Gemstones. Includes Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Scapolite, and Champaign Aura Quartz. Each Set Stored in Protective Case.
Largest Stone: 2cm
Case Diameter: 3cm

Winning Bidder: $25 by Mina

Lot 42: Collection of Green and Purple Fluorite Specimens.
Largest Piece: 9cm

Lot 43: Four Cut and Polished Gemstones Ready for Jewellery. Includes Rhodocrosite, Larimar, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite. Stored in Timber Box. Largest Stone: 5.5cm

Winning Bidder: $10 by eclecticmiss

Lot 44: Purple Crystal Cluter - Possibly Fluorite
L: 8.5cm, H: 5cm

Winning Bidder: $20 by DrDeath73

Lot 45: Soft Talc Specimen with a Lustrous Green Tone.
L: 12cm

Lot 46: A Large Heavy Polished Display Block of Mookaite. Formed in the Cretaceous Ocean from Deposited Microscopic Radiolorians. Features Red and Yellow Tones. Found in WA.
L: 15cm, H: 16.5cm

Lot 47: Orthoceras Fossil - Type of Extinct Nautiloid That Lived in the Mid-Ordovician Period. Excellent Presentation and Display Piece.
H: 17cm

Winning Bidder: $72 by Bidder17269

Lot 48: Fossil Display Piece Featuring Goniatite and Orthoceras Fossils.
H: 17cm

Lot 49: Pair of Galloping Horses Carved From Single Amethyst Crystal. Comes on Timber Display Stand. One Leg Chipped.
L: 21cm, W: 11, H: 15cm

Lot 50: Heavy Carved Greenstone Elephant Displaying its Impressive Trunk
L: 20cm, W: 8cm, H: 20cm
Weight: 2.9kg

Lot 51: Pyrite Skull - Heavy Carved Piece Carved From One Single Specimen.
L: 14cm, H: 12cm
Weight: 3.9kg

Lot 52: Impressive Carving of Roaring Tiger, Made From One Piece of Clear Quartz.
L: 19cm, H: 10cm

Lot 53: Rose Quartz - Excellent Carving of Unicorn Bust.
Chip to One Ear.
H: 12cm

Lot 54: Large Piece of Free-Form Carved Green Fluorite
L: 20cm

Lot 55: Tourmaline in Quartz - Fantastic Carving Depicting a Tiger and Her Two Cubs.
L: 16cm

Winning Bidder: $30 by eclecticmiss

Lot 56: Fantastic Polished Australian Zebra Stone Specimen - Naturally Forming Piece.
L: 25cm

Lot 57: Piece of Polished Copper Ore from the Pilbara, WA. Displays Fantastic Red, Brown, and Green Copper Oxide Tones
L: 18cm

Lot 58: A Large Piece of Polished Gold Ore From WA - Displays Wicked Cool Pyrite Inclusions.
L: 22cm, H: 19cm

Lot 59: West Australian Tiger Iron Desk Display - Letter/Card Holder on Timber Base
L: 24cm, W: 6cm, H: 18cm

Current Top Bid: $15. Reserve Not Met by 🦑

Lot 60: 'Super Seven' Specimen with Polished Face
L: 19.5cm

Lot 61: A Large Polished Slab of 'Rainforrest Jasper' - Rhyolite From Mt Hay, Qld.
L: 25cm, W: 23cm

Lot 62: Huge Amethyst and Calcite Cluster
Weight: 13.5kg
L: 47cm, W: 30cm, H: 14cm

Lot 63: Massive Slab of Banded Iron Formation From WA - Polished on One Side. Displays Lots of Tigereye and Hematite Inclusions, Vibrant Red and Brown Tones, and Awesome Banding Due to Metamorphosis.
L: 50cm, W: 38cm, Depth: 4cm

Current Top Bid: $10. Reserve Not Met by 🦑

Lot 64: Large Rhomboidal Calcite Specimen.
L: 18cm, Dep: 6cm, H: 14cm

Lot 65: Quality Greenstone Carving of a Running Tiger - Tail Appears to be a Chipped.
L: 29cm, W: 7cm, H: 20cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by 🦑

Lot 66: Polished Slab of Australian Zebra Stone. Comes with Information Card
L: 20cm

Lot 67: Jasperised Stromatolite Fossil - Cut and Polished Face.
L: 10cm, W: 6.5cm, H: 7cm

What Does Jasperised Mean? It's When Silica-Rich Fluid Fills a Cavity Where a Fossil Has Decayed. The Cavity Acts as a Mould, and the Stone will Take the Shape of the Fossil! You Might have Heard of Opalisation, Agataized, Mineral Replacment Fossil - It's the Same Process but with Different Minerals.

Current Top Bid: $10. Reserve Not Met by 🦑

Lot 68: An Impressive Amethyst Point - Cut and Polished.
H: 17cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by Bidder11161

Lot 69: Amethyst Crystal with Interesting Ferric Red Inclusions
L: 12cm, H: 5cm

Winning Bidder: $20 by Bidder11161

Lot 70: Interesting Aragonite Sputnik Specimen
L: 11cm

Lot 71: Stunning Malachite Lidded Box - Appears to be Well Made, Displays Banding and Vibrant Green Tones.
L: 9cm, W: 7cm, H: 6.5cm

Lot 72: Rhomboidal Calcite Crystal - Very Clear Specimen Which Displays Double Refraction.
L: 6cm, W: 5cm, H: 4cm

Current Top Bid: $30. Reserve Not Met by sjw998

Lot 73: Awesome Agatized Coral Fossil
L: 12cm, W: 10cm, Depth: 9cm

Lot 74: Cut and Polished Agate Double Inkwell. Displays Vibrant Colours and Banding.
L: 17cm

Current Top Bid: $85. Reserve Not Met by incendiafire

Lot 75: Massive Zeolite Cluster Featuring Apophyllite and Stilbite Crystals.
L: 37cm

Winning Bidder: $10 by Jan2015$

Lot 76: Cluster of Pyrite Crystals on Slate - Great Piece
L: 17.5cm

Lot 77: Spectacular Vanadinite Cluster. Displays Bright Red Hexagonal Crystal Structure.
L: 17cm, W: 10cm, H: 10cm

Current Top Bid: $36. Reserve Not Met by eclecticmiss

Lot 78: Fabulous Piece of Botryoidal Chrysoprase
L: 20cm, W: 13cm, H: 6cm

Lot 79: Large Polished and Cut Chalcedony Geode with Quartz Crystal Center.
L: 18.5cm, Dep: 10cm, H: 18cm
Weight: 4.1kg

Lot 80: Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal - Manufactured During 1944 at the Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico, USA as Part of the Manhattan Project. See Pictured Information Card for More Fascinating Information.
L: 14cm

Lot 81: A Piece of 70% Lead Glass - Used as Radiation Shielding at the Los Alamos Laboratories (1945) Apart of The Manhatten Project. For More Information Please Read the Pictured Information Sheet.
Specimen Length: 5cm

Current Top Bid: $10. Reserve Not Met by Jan2015$

Lot 82: Four Turtle Shell Sheets.
Largest: 32cm

Winning Bidder: $130 by Robrocks

Lot 83: Massive Piece of Petrified Wood
Weight: 7.5kg
L: 31cm, W: 26cm, H: 12cm

Lot 84: Fenestella Bryozoa Fossil - Type of Microscopic Colonial Marine Animals Which Form Interesting Fan-Shaped Structures.
Approx. 1.5-3myo

Winning Bidder: $15 by Peter pan

Lot 85: A Large Slab of Dendritic Chert
L: 43cm, W: 20cm, Depth: 3cm

Lot 86: Framed Map of the World Intricately Inlaid with Assorted Semi-Precious Gemstones.
L: 43cm, W: 29cm

Lot 87: Four Pieces of Chiastolite aka. 'The Cross Stone'. Comes Mounted in Frame with Information Card.
Largest Piece: 4cm
Frame: L: 27cm, W: 27cm

Lot 88: A Nice Piece of Jasper with Quartz, Cut on Two Faces - Bright Displays Ferric Red Tones
L: 12.5cm, W: 6.5cm, H: 8cm

Current Top Bid: $20. Reserve Not Met by Dboy Abomination Whittalica The Milkshake King

Lot 89: Interesting Large Purple Crystal - Possibly Purple Fluorite Mounted Timber Base
H: 12cm

Lot 90: West Australian Tourmaline and Quartz Specimen - Looks Fantastic Under Light
L: 13cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by Bidder11161

Lot 91: The Rasher of Bacon Rock - Yum!
Interesting Pink/Red Quartz Formation.
L: 25cm

Lot 92: Impressive Tourmaline Crystal in Schist from WA. Displays Lots of Muscovite Mica Inclusions.
Weight: 4.5kg
L: 16cm, W: 12cm H: 16cm

Lot 93: Double Sided Fossil Featuring Three Fish.
Found in Talbragar, NSW.
L: 15cm

Lot 94: Limestone Stalactite Shawl - Piece of a Fascinating Cave Formation Caused by the Mineralization of Calcite Over Millions of Years.
L: 12cm, H: 14cm

Winning Bidder: $15 by Prince

Lot 95: 3.35kg Chunk of Raw Rose Quartz from Madagascar
L: 14cm, W: 4cm, H: 11cm

Lot 96: Cut Piece of Dendritic Opalite with Polished Face
L: 13cm, W: 7cm, H: 11cm

Current Top Bid: $10. Reserve Not Met by PixieDust

Lot 97: Raw Turquoise Specimen - Has Been Cut to Reveal Green/Blue Face
L: 15cm

Lot 98: A Large Collection of Tumbled Semi-Precious Gemstones in Timber Box.
L: 52, W: 38cm, H: 10cm

Winning Bidder: $60 by Mina

Lot 99: Tray of Polished and Cut Agate Slices
Largest: 17cm

Closed For Online Bids

Winning Bidder: $50 by Mina

Lot 100: Tray of Selenite Crystals
L: 20cm