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Delivery and Postage

The Auction Barn, when it comes to getting your winnings into your hands, is different to other auction houses. Whilst most require their customers outside of their state or territory to hire costly and indifferent couriers, we offer our own in-house postage and packing service, to support our local and national customers! 

If you request postage, our experienced staff gather your winnings from the show floor, quote you a competitive postage fee, and wrap your items with care in a box made custom for your order. In the case of large and bulky items, like furniture and statues, we can personally deliver within the ACT, with interstate deliveries to be handled by your choice of courier.

We can organise in-house postage for collections under 20kg, using Australia Post for single packages under 5kg, and couriers for multiple packages and for packages over 5kg. If you’re looking at an item on our site but aren’t sure about your delivery options, contact us, and we can let you know!



Guide to Postage Costs

One of the standout features of The Auction Barn is our in house Postage department, which can prepare your items for a safe trip Australia wide. In a few clicks, you can quickly request a postage quote on your winnings, and sit back as our dedicated team carefully collect and pack your items for a competitive price, handing them off to a delivery agent of your choice. Using Australia Post and a range of trusted courier services, we can get your items to you contactlessly and with no fuss!

Our costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis using the guidelines below. They consist of the Packing & Handling (P&H) fees, and the Delivery Cost. Packing & Handling reflects the costs associated with the collection, storage, packing, administration and materials used by the Barn, and the delivery cost is the cost of the physical delivery, supplied to us by the various delivery companies we work with, such as DHL or Toll.

When you request a quote and follow through with the postage, your invoice will be updated to reflect the item total, P&H, and postage cost. Once paid, we’ll send it your way!


Please note:  If you make alternative arrangements after receiving a quote, your invoice will be updated to include only the cost of preparing the quote (the handling fee). 

Items for postage are sorted into fragile and non-fragiles, with differing cost rates. As fragile items require extra care in handling and packaging and more materials, they are calculated by number of items, whilst non-fragiles are calculated by the number of lots.

Fragile Items

ie. Glassware, Ceramics, Porcelain, Artworks, Dinnerware, Trinkets, unusually shaped items

Number of Items

Minimum Cost


$10.00 + handling fee


$15.00 + handling fee


$25.00 + handling fee

Oversized Items

$25.00 + handling fee

Non Fragile Items

Number of Lots



Starts at $5.00 per lot


Starts at $6.00 per lot


Starts at $7.50 per lot

Handling Fee

Number of Lots

Handling Fee

1 - 3


4 - 6





Prohibited Items

Due to various factors, some items that come through The Auction Barn do not qualify for postage. If you are intending to purchase an item and have it posted but are unsure, please see the guide below. 

If you’re still unsure, contact our Postage Department via email to chat to one of our staff.

Items which can not be shipped:

Items bigger than 90cm x 90cm x 90cm, such as:

Bicycles, Large Paintings & Prints, Hat Stands, Bookshelves, and Floor Lamps

Items weighing more than 12kg, such as:

Pots & Planters, Machinery & Parts, Heavy & Oversized Frames

Dangerous & Flammable Fuels, Powders or Solids, such as:

Alcohol, Kerosene & Gasoline, Vintage Machinery Oils and Fuel Canisters, Cleaning Solutions, Dyes & Dye Bottles, Varnishes, Paint

Liquids & Aerosols, such as: 

Fuels (see above), Antique & Vintage Medicines & Poisons, Hairsprays, Scientific Samples, Thermometers (some), Solvents

Live Items, such as:

Plants & Soils

Potentially Restricted Items:

Batteries & Strong Magnets

Weapons, Ammunition, & Toy Weapons, such as:

            Cap Guns, Replica and Antique Firearms

Animal Items, such as:

            Tusks, Skulls, Taxidermy & Furs

Items we do not recommend shipping due to risk of breakage or expense::

Large items or large volumes of small items, such as:

Wicker baskets, Large lamp shades, or bulk quantities of items (10+)

Collections of 10 or More Fragile Items, such as:

            Dinner Services, Large Collections of Crystal and Glassware

Large, Fragile items, such as:

            Framed Pictures with Glass, Tiffany-Style Lampshades