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Cash Converters in Canberra

If you've got a collection of household goods and collectables that are currently sitting around in your house gathering dust, there's no better time to convert that stuff into cash. Increasingly, online and live auctions are the most successful way for sellers to make money from unwanted items that would otherwise just be cluttering up their home. Auctioning the more valuable goods in your possession is a quick way to raise some additional funds, so whether you're saving up for a holiday, your retirement or simply want to leave a legacy to your children, choosing a premium auction house in Australia is the best way forward.

The Auction Barn's Values

Customer Base

Every day more and more people come to The Auction Barn to convert their goods to cash, and the audience we've got bidding both online and in our live auctions continues to grow. Based in Canberra, we're located perfectly for both bidders and sellers, and currently, see everyone from individuals and small businesses to government departments trusting us with their assets.

Range of Items

Here at The Auction Barn, we bring together people who are looking to buy quality goods, including antiques, wine, jewellery and more. Those who choose to buy from us are purveyors of quality and happily pay fair prices for the objects they purchase. We've got no restrictions on which products we'll auction, so why not bring along your coins, decorative arts, jewellery and watches, glass collections and more to us and we'll auction it all.

Simple Process

The selling process is easy with The Auction Barn. It's simply a case of filling in our online form, receiving one of our valuers to estimate the price you'll be able to get at auction, and then receiving a lot number and waiting for the bids to come in. All of our staff are accredited by the Australian valuers and auctioneers committee and are ready to give you a fair, accurate valuation on your items.

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