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Selling your antique Furniture

There are a lot of options when it comes to selling your antique furniture, but there's no route quite as exciting or as successful as selling through one of our live auctions. Here at the Auction Barn, we're passionate about helping people make money on pieces of premium antique furniture. After nearly ten years in business, we like to think that we're pretty good at what we do. Our team of live auctioneers have been working with antiques for decades, and have years of expertise when it comes to handling and selling antique goods. We also have sellers specialising particularly in the sale of antique furniture, so you can rest assured you're in good hands when you come to selling a valuable dining table or sofa.

Our valuers and auctioneers are also all accredited with the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia, so there's no risk of your items being undersold. Additionally, we are happy to accept reserves on certain items, so long as the reserve seems reasonable and is likely to be met.

Everyone's welcome at the Auction Barn. whether you're an individual, business, liquidator, importer or a member of a government association. We take great pride in our friendly and inclusive atmosphere and like to make everyone feel welcome in a community that's been brought together by a love of antique furniture.

Setting up furniture auctions with the Auction Barn couldn't be easier, either; it's simply a case of organising a time we can come and inspect your furniture, being sent a very reasonable price for the item, and then waiting for your item to be lotted and sold to the highest bidder. We attract buyers of the highest calibre from all over Australia, and with our superb location in Canberra we're not hard to find. If you're interested in selling antique furniture to buyers willing to pay good money for everything from dining room sets to antique mirrors, then the Auction Barn is the place to go. Talk to one of our friendly vendor managers today to find out more about selling with us..

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