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How to Sell Rare Coins

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Collectable Coin Auctions

If you are a keen collector of coins and banknotes or have simply come into possession of some examples! The time comes when you may wish to sell some or all of your collection You may not be sure of the value of those you hold. If so, you'll be seeking out a company with a reputation for sales success who can offer expert and professional help.

A simple and stress-free process for placing your coins up for sale

If you have Australian coins (and also banknotes or stamps). which you are certain are, or feel may be, collectable, then the first simple step is to contact us to arrange an inspection time to bring them to our showrooms. Alternatively, you can email us clear photos of the items you wish to sell.

Our experts will then examine the coins, contacting you for more information as necessary if you have emailed us. From this examination, we will then deliver a Free Auction Appraisal and Price Estimate, one with no obligation on your part to take the matter further. Should you then wish to go ahead and sell, your items will be allocated to the next appropriate auction. You'll find more valuable Information for Sellers here»

Why so many choose The Auction Barn

In the last decade, we have built a reputation as Canberra's premier auction house, with impressive stock turnover results. We specifically target the coins and other collectables community, both in the Canberra area and Australia-wide, attracting large attendances at our showroom sales and massive audiences for the online events. Our friendly, professional and expert staff look forward to helping with the sale of your Australian coins, banknotes or stamps.

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