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If you have precious jewellery in your possession, including jewellery containing gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstones, it can be difficult knowing which route to go down when it comes to selling it. Whilst jewellery collectors might seem like an obvious choice, it's often the case that an expert is able to swindle a seller with less knowledge than themselves. More mainstream online marketplaces will often also leave sellers at a loss, with less exposure on a busy site meaning they rarely get the price they deserve.

For jewellery sales, a more foolproof option might be a live or online auction. Buyers in jewellery auctions have a good understanding of what they should expect to pay, and the competitive nature of the auction environment usually means a higher selling price. For a trusted, knowledgeable auction house, why not choose The Auction Barn? We've got years of experience selling precious jewellery in both live and online auctions. We're based in Canberra, which makes it easy for jewellery collectors and sellers to reach us from all over Australia. The Auction Barn is renowned for bringing together lots of the finest quality, and the jewellery we auction is no exception.We've got trained valuers and auctioneers with a great deal of expertise when it comes to precious jewellery. All of our staff responsible for valuation and auction are accredited by the Australian valuers and auctioneers committee too, so you can be sure that they're experts in everything from watches to diamond rings.

Sellers trust us to auction their earrings, rings, watches and necklaces and get the highest price possible. Those that choose The Auction Barn to sell their jewellery find we're able to get bids that you just wouldn't find elsewhere. Jewellery auctions with us generally prove much more successful for sellers than going directly to a jewellery collector or retailer. We're proud of our reputation as Canberra's premium auction house. All are welcome to buy and sell with The Auction Barn - we bring together everyone from individuals and businesses, to government departments and importers. There's no lower or upper limit on the value of jewellery we're able to take on, and for those particularly special pieces, we are sometimes able to put on a reserve price providing it is realistic.

Contact us here at The Auction Barn today to find out more about how we can make auctioning your jewellery a success. We'll create a selling profile for you that fits your needs perfectly, and get you started in no time at all. Selling precious jewellery has never been easier.

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