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Onsite Auctions Canberra

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Onsite Auctions Canberra

On-site auctions are held at the premises of the seller, rather than at our dedicated auction rooms in Fyshwick, and are beneficial if you’re looking to sell a large number of items. Perhaps you’re downsizing, or you’re looking to free up some space for a major innovation. Maybe you need to clear your inventory in the case of liquidation. If so, our professional team can help.

If you’re planning on auctioning off the majority, or even the entirety, of your home’s contents, we’re able to conduct a sale on your premises, negating the need for you to transport your belongings to our auction rooms. We can also hold on-site auctions for business cessation or liquidation sales, making your life infinitely easier in terms of logistics.

On-site auctions appeal more to buyers, in that they are often held on weekends, attracting members of the public who wouldn’t normally be seen in the auction room during the week. In addition, buyers get the chance to see items in the natural setting of the home or the business, rather than out of context in an auction room setting. Buying decisions are therefore more informed, and the buyer can get more of an idea how their purchased items will fit into their home and lifestyle.

Auction Barn’s on-site auction services

If you want to maximise your returns and minimise the costs involved in selling the contents of your home or business, get in touch with the Auction Barn, who can take care of the whole process for you – your items don’t even have to leave the confines of your property!

We will:

  1. Be up-front in terms of valuing the items to be auctioned and the cost to you, the vendor, of conducting the auction
  2. Take care of the logistical side of the auction, laying out your items in the most effective way possible and preparing a catalogue.
  3. Deal with the advertising and marketing side of things.
  4. Provide the staff necessary to hold the auction.
  5. Process any payments swiftly and efficiently.

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