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Having the right information at your fingertips when it comes to auctioning your property is absolutely vital if you want to realise the best price for your assets. Timely, accurate valuation not only helps inform the selling process, it can also give vendors a good idea of how much they’re likely to raise from an auction sale, assisting with financial planning and accurate predictions of future available capital. Our experienced team can provide expert valuations on a wide selection of saleable goods, as well as assist with every aspect of the auctioning process.

Any item accurately valued

Particularly when it comes to specialist items such as farming equipment, industrial plant items or electronic appliances, finding an agent who can put a realistic value on the items can be problematic. Obviously, industry specific equipment will normally obtain a higher price if it’s sold to buyers who can appreciate its merit, rather than sold on the general market where it may only get scrap metal prices. Our comprehensive network of buyers across the country enables us to promote your items to the right audiences, significantly increasing the chances of a lucrative transaction.

Right type of sale

Frequently, larger items are best auctioned on site, whereas others are more suitable for auctioning at our auction house. We can offer sensible advice on which option is right for you, and provide a pre-auction valuation on products. If you have a large number of items which you need disposing of, it’s best to arrange an appointment for our valuation professionals to come and take a look.

Residential and commercial expertise

We employ a diverse range of individuals to undertake valuations, all of whom are experts in their own field. Whilst our farm specialists are able to provide an accurate valuation of agricultural tools and equipment, our residential experts have the skills necessary to perform house inspections for multiple items - an ideal solution if you’ve been left a property full of furniture, household goods and other objects.

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If you are considering selling at auction you may wish to contact us to discuss the pre-sale estimate of your item or collection. We are able to provide a verbal valuation during our walk-in times which is weekdays 9am - 5pm

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