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Deceased Estates Canberra

The Auction Barn Estate Services offers a comprehensive service from start to finish tailored to meet the needs of the individual or group. From initial discussion and appraisal whether an informal auction sale estimate or a written probate or family division valuation we are able to assist in estate planning in an efficient and timely manner. The task of dealing with the clearance of personal effects and property in a deceased estate is a daunting one, The Auction Barn can help you by providing a full range of services to assist you with the management of the estate Our goal is to make that uncomfortable moment in your life as bearable as possible. Should the need for a disposal by auction sale arise we can offer a broom clean service. We can assist with arranging transportation of non-saleable items to a charitable organisation or recycling centre

Comprehensive Service

  1. Initial valuation and assessment of proposed auction
  2. Layout and presentation of auction
  3. Preparation of computerised catalogue
  4. Coordination of auction inspection, sale and delivery days
  5. Advertising
  6. Placement of catalogue with photographs on our website
  7. Prompt accounting and payment of proceeds

Rest assured that your loved one’s possessions will be treated with respect and care. You can count on our discretion at all times.

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