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Have overflowing stock sitting? Let us do the hard work! Selling up can be hard, which is why we’re here to help. Selling up can be particularly challenging when, despite your best endeavours, a business ends up failing. We understand the difficulties people face when trying to organise and facilitate the sale of machinery, merchandise or other assets, so we have put together a comprehensive package of assistance which maximises the chances of a successful sale. From accurate valuation and cataloguing through to a well-advertised and efficiently conducted auction, we ensure that our clients receive the very best price for their property.

Prior to the sale, we will catalogue and value the items you have on offer, summarising the stock in an organised manner We can facilitate viewings of larger items and machinery, as well as arrange the transport of smaller items to the auction’s location. Once the auction is over, we will rapidly transfer the sum raised over to you, so there’s no protracted wrangling or time-consuming negotiations. We sell your goods for you and then give you the profits from the sale – it really is as simple as that.

Business Liquidations Canberra

Clearances, closing down sales, and liquidation sales are our speciality. Because we concentrate on the commercial sector, we’re able to offer an expert service that’s specifically tailored to business owners. We can efficiently and speedily dispose of your surplus stock, enabling you to get back as much value as possible.

If you’ve got creditors demanding to be paid or have fallen into arrears with rent or loans, an auction is a good way of quickly raising the funds needed to settle the most pressing debts. Our highly successful auction and sale provision is a great option for rapidly converting goods to dollars when the need for ready cash is a priority.

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