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Storage Unit Clean Outs

Before organising a sale, we will undertake a complete inventory of the stock you have on hand, cataloguing it in an organised manner so that you have a clearer idea of what you’ve got available for sale. We will recommend the best method of disposal, be that a sale at our auction rooms or an on-site sale (the latter is frequently a good option where a considerable number of larger items are to be auctioned). If necessary, we can transport your stock to the sale rooms. Typically our clients receive the sale proceeds extremely quickly after the auction has taken place, giving them rapid access to welcome cash.

Finding Buyers

If you have a surplus of computer parts, fashion items, electrical appliances, industrial equipment or other niche items, finding a suitable buyer can be a challenge.As one of the most successful surplus stock and farm clearance auctioneers in Canberra, we have access to a wide network of buyers who are interested in everything from tractors to laptops. We use a selection of advertising methods to reach hundreds of specialist buyers who will recognise the worth of your stock and bid accordingly. In addition to our online presence, we also advertise widely in magazines, papers and more, maximising the chances of finding suitable buyers for what you’ve got on offer.

Unwanted Items

If you’ve got equipment, stock or other assets that you no longer have a use for, it’s sensible to pass them on to people who can make use of them at the same time as generating some useful capital for your next venture. We have extensive experience with auctioning diverse merchandise and will always do our utmost to get the best price for our clients. Don’t struggle with clearing unwanted stock – let us do it for you speedily and professionally.

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Even long-term storage isn’t meant to be forever. Eventually, you’ll need to clean out your storage unit. Contact us for more information

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