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Asian Arts

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Within the last 20 years, the growth of the Asian Arts market has been unparalleled. With Australia’s close proximity to the region and long multicultural history, there’s a lot of beautiful Asian art that comes through our doors. Our Asian Arts sale covers the gamut of all kinds of art, including vintage export decorative pieces, antique porcelain and ceramics, elegant artworks and tinted woodblock prints, and stunning handcrafted furniture.

Our knowledge base increases every day and we can offer a learned, knowledgeable opinion and insight on your pieces. As an Auction House that’s handled plenty of items and has gotten a feel for quality, and a large collection of research resources at our disposal, we offer a unique edge in identifying and describing your items.

With a market hungrier than ever for everything from snuff bottles to Qing vases, seize the chance right now to get in contact with us and learn more about your treasures today!