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The Auction Barn has had a long history of catering to the collector - be it trains, planes, or perhaps even automobiles - we’ve sold it all! We’ve sold everything from model trains and tanks, PVC and action figures, trading cards, comics, wine, records, coins, stamps, pop culture items, and more.

We’re experienced collectors ourselves, so we know the importance of condition; we write thorough descriptions of our specialist items and offer condition reports or in-person inspections. If you’ve got an old trading card collection under the bed, or inherit a loved ones lifelong assortment of knicknacks, we can accurately evaluate its value and make sure you’re getting the most out of your pieces, even if you’re not sure. Our process saves you the hassle of dealing with describing, photographing, and negotiating sales, streamlining it into a streamlined and stress-free process. We can also purchase collections outright, to make the process even easier!

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